A Region Like No Other

The Baileys Trail System provides an opportunity to diversify the region's economy through a strong collaboration that builds on a historic investment in one of Southeastern Ohio's greatest natural assets, the Wayne National Forest.

Our Vision

The vision of the Baileys Trail System is to develop and connect recreation tourism opportunities throughout Appalachian Ohio that contribute to the ecological, social, and economic growth of the region as a whole.

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Sustainable Economic Development

Greater spending leads to increased sales taxes, property values, number of jobs, and earnings. Trail systems can stimulate the regional economy, helping the area pivot to a sustainable economy.

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Community Connectivity & Pride

Trail systems make communities more attractive to newcomers while raising the quality of life for locals. These trails bring people together by revitalizing communities and cultivating a sense of place.

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Health & Wellness

Local communities will enjoy significantly improved access to outdoor recreation. Systems such as the Baileys bring health benefits of outdoor recreation to communities that otherwise do not have a strong exercise culture.

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Business Development

Increasingly influential companies cite access to the outdoors when considering where to relocate or expand.

Our Goals

  • Develop a trail master plan
  • Complete environmental analysis
  • Fundraise (money from grants, donations, etc.) to build the trail system
  • Construct the trail system
  • Build community capacity
  • Create lasting and sustainable economic impact

"While recreational resources bring tourism revenues, their greatest value is enhancing the quality of life of residents. The existence of parks, trails, and other recreational opportunities make Athens County a desirable place to live, and further development of these resources will help attract future residents."

– Athens County Comprehensive Plan