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Your donation supports the trail system’s development, maintenance, and mission to integrate conservation, outdoor recreation, and economic development to strengthen and inspire communities in Appalachian Ohio. The trail system's development continues to be guided by some of the industry’s best designers and is currently under construction by professional trail builders.

When complete, the Baileys Trail System will be an 88-mile mountain bike optimized trail system on the Wayne National Forest in Athens County, Ohio.

This trail system is projected to generate a multitude of benefits for Ohio, including:

Economic Benefits

Once completed, the Baileys Trail System will be one of the longest continuous mountain bike trail systems east of the Mississippi River. Increased visitations and spending in the region will grow local businesses, expand employment opportunities, and increase government revenue. The Baileys Trail System also helps local communities secure public and private investment.

Health Benefits

Trails with bike and pedestrian community connectors create access to outdoor recreation, which is proven to improve physical and mental health.

Environmental Benefits

Development of this trail system has included the remediation of Abandoned Mine Land features. This world-class trail system creates opportunities to introduce the next generation of conservationists to Ohio’s only National Forest and showcase the state’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

Social Benefits

Sustainable recreation tourism provides opportunities for events and programming in rural areas, adding vibrancy to Appalachian Ohio. Finishing the Baileys Trail System is just the beginning of revitalizing Appalachian Ohio. As the pillar of the region, the Baileys Trail System will generate new business, grow the economy, and decrease the intergenerational poverty that has plagued Appalachia for generations.

Make a Donation Now

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The Baileys Trail System is offering introductory rate sponsorships! Contact us today to customize your sponsorship of the longest contiguous mountain bike optimized trail system East of the Mississippi River! Visit our Sponsorships page for more information.