The Heart of Southeast Ohio

The Baileys Trail System is located in the Appalachian foothills of Southeastern Ohio. For places to stay, eat, and play in the area, we encourage you to check out the Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau for suggestions in the immediate region. In addition, Ohio’s Winding Road offers recommendations and authentic experiences in the broader 9-county region. To learn more about nearby outdoor recreation opportunities, visit the Wayne National Forest website, or if interested in exploring other trails and towns, head to Tourism Ohio's site, each linked below.

Lodging Near the Baileys

There are many great places to stay near the Baileys Trail System.

Check out these options adjacent to Wayne National Forest Land:

Bicycle Barn

Baileys Base Camp

Benton’s on the Baileys


Home of Ohio University, Athens features a thriving local food and beverage culture. Consider it the best of both worlds—big-city amenities and small-town hospitality, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. We feature some of our favorite attractions below.


Nestled at the edge of the Hocking Hills region, Nelsonville is home to a beautiful historic square and opera house. Once heavily reliant on the extractive industries of coal, clay, and salt, Nelsonville has been reviving its historic square into an arts district. Nelsonville may be best known for producing Star Bricks, many of which are still visible in streets and sidewalks throughout the historic district.


Located near the Hocking River and the Wayne National Forest, the small village of Chauncey was once expected to become “the business center of the Midwest." Since the extractive industries of coal, clay and salt have disappeared, Chauncey has become a quiet village that now boasts beautiful trails, ready to be explored.

The Plains

The Plains, named for the Wolf Plain Group of Adena or Hopewell Mounds, is an unincorporated community located between Athens and Chauncey, accessible by the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. It is the home of Athens High School (and Joe Burrow, recent Heisman Trophy winner and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback). On the edge of The Plains, the historic Eclipse Company Town sits along the bikeway, providing a glimpse into the area's deep coal mining history.