• Distance: 1.73 miles
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Tread: Natural, 18-24” wide
  • Terrain: Rolling Hills
  • Current Status: Open


Lost Marbles Trail is an intermediate natural surface trail that connects Salt Works and Wild Turkey Trails. From Salt Works Trail, you’ll start your descent to West Bailey Run, traveling through a recently abandoned powerline corridor and hugging the slopes above a beaver pond until you reach the stream, where you will cross a bridge and start climbing up to Wild Turkey Trail. Expect a few steep climbs and tight curves, along with some really good views. Lost Marbles is named for a glass purple marble found at the old W.H. Hyde homestead during a minor archeological survey conducted to clear the trail corridor for construction. The purple marble was manufactured by the Navarre Glass Marble and Specialty Company in approximately 1904 and was likely owned by the child of a coal miner.