• Distance: 1.8 miles
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Terrain: Steep Hills
  • Current Status: Open


Starin’ Heron is the longest downhill flow trail in the Big Bailey Ridge Area, bringing you from the heights of Nebo Spirit down to the Big Bailey Run wetland. Keep an eye out for the Great Blue Heron as you catch a glimpse of the water below. Starin’ Heron features expert-level B-lines with very large drops; remember to keep an eye out for warning signage. Check out Tanager Twist to climb back up for when you inevitably want a second loop of this one.

This trail contains expert-level features and terrain. There are multiple lines of varying difficulty levels. The overall trail difficulty level dictates the level of the easiest line available. Variations in difficulty level are marked with the black diamond (advanced) and double black diamond (expert) symbols. Please review the tips below before riding and proceed with caution:

  • Review all trails on foot before attempting them

  • Only ride trails that are within your ability level

  • Wear a helmet at all times

  • Complete a safety-check of your equipment before proceeding

  • Always ride with a partner and an emergency communication method

  • You are responsible for your own safety