Adventure Around Every Turn

Southeast Ohio, a gateway to Appalachia, is now home to the Baileys Trail System. Here, the rolling hills, lush forests, and abandoned mines combine to create a truly unique terrain for trail riding. This network of trails invites riders of all skill levels to enjoy an experience unlike any other nationwide.

Our Trails


Bullfrog Loop

Bullfrog Loop is an easy trail beginning on the north side of Utah Pond with gently rolling dips and easy turns on a relatively short loop that is perfect for […]

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Chauncey Depot

The Chauncey Depot Trail is a surfaced beginner trail directly accessible from the Chauncey-Dover Trailhead

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Coal Train

Coal Train Trail is a beginner natural surface trail with a few B-lines for the more adventurous soul.

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Corps Tour

Corps Tour is an intermediate trail with entry points from Tipple Top and Knights Labor. Be prepared for some great views as you traverse this trail, whose name recognizes the […]

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Doanville School

From the Doanville-York Trailhead, Doanville School Trail provides access to the Holler Collar Trail; even though it is relatively short, it is a great workout and rated intermediate for the […]

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Gob Pile Loop

The Gob Pile Loop is a beginner natural surface trail named for the piles of gob, a legacy of coal mining, that you can see along the trail.

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Gorges Curves

With access from West Bailey Road, The Underground, or Trillium Thrill, Gorges Curves is an intermediate trail that features rolling hills, subtle turns, and skinnies galore. At times hugging hillside […]

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The first advanced (difficult) trail of the Baileys begins toward the bottom of Wild Turkey Trail, north of West Bailey Road. Expect a very narrow trail tread full of roots, […]

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Holler Collar

Beginning where Tipple Top Trail ends, this easy trail features rolling dips and climbing turns packed full of fun. Counterclockwise, this trail connects with Bullfrog Loop at Utah Pond; to […]

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Knights Labor

Knights Labor is an intermediate trail that features a fun downhill ride from its access at Tipple Top toward West Bailey Road. Going downhill in this direction, make a loop […]

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Lost Marbles

Lost Marbles Trail is an intermediate natural surface trail that connects Salt Works and Wild Turkey Trails.

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Salt Works

Salt Works Trail is a beginner natural surface trail accessed from Coal Train Trail.

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The Underground

The Underground is an intermediate trail with access from Bullfrog Loop, Trillium Thrill, or Gorges Curves. An immediate rock jump leading onto The Underground from Bullfrog Loop gives riders a […]

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Tipple Top

Tipple Top Trail is an intermediate natural surface trail that is accessed from Salt Works Trail and Wild Turkey Trail.

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Trillium Thrill

Trillium Thrill is an intermediate trail that offers gorgeous scenic vistas, rolling humps, and scattered rock jumps. This trail pays homage to the native flowering trillium plant, one of the […]

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Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Trail is an intermediate natural surface trail that is accessed by Tipple Top or Lost Marbles Trail, and intersects with West Bailey Road.

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REMINDER: Per the Wayne National Forest Standard, motorized vehicles of any kind--including electric bicycles--are not currently permitted on the Baileys Trail System. Thanks for your cooperation.

Regional Impact

The Baileys Trail System does more than just connect you to natural beauty. It connects you to the eclectic communities that make up the region. From Athens to Nelsonville to Buchtel to Chauncey—the trail system is designed to bring people together, revitalize communities, and cultivate a sense of place.

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